workout wednesday:
HIIT Circut with
Simeon Panda

With all of the holidays and treats ongoing and on the way, we're getting in on every single workout that we have the chance to! Inno Supps athlete Simeon Panda is taking us through an intense HIIT workout full of burpees, mountain climbers, high knees, and more!

For best results, start off with a serving of Inno Shred and Volcarn 2000 to tackle stubborn body fat in multiple ways and increase your metabolism!


1. High Knees | 45 seconds

2. Jumping Jacks | 45 seconds

3. Mountain Climbers | 45 seconds

4. Jump Rope (without rope) | 45 seconds

5. Step Jump Squat | 45 seconds

Repeat three times and finish off with a serving of Natural BCAA in order to promote lean muscle recovery!

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